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Allen Ganta

Allen Ganta is a Songwriter, and senior advisor for Bridge Music since its beginning.  He is one of the  featured artist in Season 1 for 'Vandanam' & 'Vagdanamu',  and in Season 2's 'Teri Marzi'.

Allen began his journey with Bridge Music in 2009 during the debut release of "Tere Bina'. Since then he's been a voice of influence, encouragement, edification and empowerment! He's one of the most trusted advisors for Bridge Music, and a mentor for Sam Alex personally. 

Allen is  famous for two things – a warm smile that won’t fade, and a consistent ‘Converse’ footwear upgrade. The former and the latter make him stand out, literally. 

An artist of consummate skill, he is the worship and creative pastor of Hope Unlimited Church in Hyderabad. He's been playing music since he was as a child, and involved with the church since its inception. He introduces a refreshing set each week, gracefully leading His people into prayerful submission, and meaningful surrender.

His love for the ethnic sound has lead him to work as director and vocalist for ‘Sounds of the Nations, India’; a musical outfit with a global goal to recapture indigenous components in Christian music. He has also received formal training from ‘Hillsong’, ‘IWAR’ and ‘Bethel’.


Allan lives in Hyderabad with his incredible wife Vandana and two kids.

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