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Desh Ki Awaaz 


We all dream of a better India.


We all want to see the day when our children are free from poverty and abuse, when our women can live free from fear, when our men are free to dream and build together, without greed or comparison stopping them.


What if we realised that we could actually live free from fear? What if we remembered that our neighbours are not meant to be strangers? What if social distancing didn't also mean social disconnection?


What if we thought of the cab driver as more than just our ride for the day? What if we saw the pain in another human's eyes, and reached out instead of staying in our own bubbles?


What if hate became so rare because love is our default choice? How would it be to live in an India where we didn't judge each other, on any basis!?


What if it was not all about making money and becoming the most powerful? What if it was all about empowering someone else to also dream and grow with you?


The Desh Ki Awaaz challenge is all about being the answer we are praying for.


We pray and ask God to change our country, and God asks, "Who will go for me?"


Dreams only come true when we turn our thoughts into actions. Do what you were always created to do. Love till India is Heaven on earth.

Choose to love with your actions, not just your intentions! 


Let us lift up the banner of love over India. She is ours to love!

What is the #DeshKiAwaaz challenge?


Be EXTRA, starting this Republic Day! 


  1. Do an act of kindness - like paying for a stranger's meal, picking up trash, generously tipping after dining at a restaurant - anything that is within your power to do! 

  2. Tell them about why you did what you did, and inspire them to also be a part of the #DeshKiAwaaz challenge!

  3. Upload a video or post of you sharing the story of this incident. Share with us how it felt to see a smile on someone’s face!

  4. If you also want to post a picture with the people involved, make sure you take their consent before posting anything online. Post their face/ name ONLY with their permission! 

  5. Nominate at least 5 friends to do this challenge, and post their experience with the hashtag #DeshKiAwaaz

  6. Lastly, keep doing this as often as you can! This challenge doesn’t end until we see the India we want to see!


Check out the song Desh by Bridge Music, and join us in raising the banner of Love over India!


Authored by Prakruthi Angelina

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