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Nehemiah Kulothungan

Nehemiah Kulothungan a.k.a Nemo is a songwriter from Nagpur, Maharashtra. He serves as the 'Artists & Repertoire (A&R)' for Bridge Music, and is actively involved in co-writing music, and mentoring many worship musicians and songwriters.

Sam Alex and Nehemiah met in 2015 in Nagpur at an album launch concert at Nemo's place. Sam discovered Nehemiah's gifts and potential during his stay there, and that’s where he heard the song "Sang Tere" (then called 'Peeche Nahi Mudunga') for the first time. They stayed in touch and even met once again in Hyderabad in 2015 for another album launch concert. In 2019 when Sam received a vision from the Lord, where he was reminded of Nehemiah and he called him and shared the vision of Bridge Music for 2019. On their second phone call, Sam shared a revelation and Nehemiah shared a melody and a few lines, and in no time the song 'Teri Marzi' came out on the phone call itself! Soon when Sam was back in India, Nehemiah visited Sam and since then he has become one with the Bridge Music family. 

Nemo started singing and playing music since his childhood, thanks to his parents. His mother is a trained teacher, poet, guitarist and counsellor and His father is an ordained preacher, worship leader and social worker who has been a percussionist back in his younger days.
Nehemiah embodies a combination of both his parents' best gifts and talents. He was exposed to music even while in his mother's womb but started writing poems and songs specifically around 8 years of age. He has co-written around 150+ songs (as of April 2020) and has lost count of all his solo creative writings which include poems and short stories!

Nehemiah desires to sing and co-write songs in every possible language and travel to every nation to release what God's put in his heart. It's a long way to go but he's already co-written in 9 international languages, 3 Indian languages, and led worship in 9 nations and 26/29 states in India! 
Nehemiah says singing or preaching isn't his main strength but empowering others to sing and preach is. He has many spiritual children who also expect great things from the Lord and attempts great things for God! 

His life vision is to see a Global Glorious United Bride of Christ who truly knows and worships Jesus! He is currently pursuing that dream in Cardiff, UK where he lives with his incredible wife Cryselle.

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