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Season 3 Story:

"A new sound for a new era.” That’s what Season 3 has been all about. Right from the Songwriting Camp in March 2020, when a team of songwriters and worshippers from all over India came together to co-write these prophetic songs for the nations to declare, it was clear that God was doing a brand new thing, and we were getting to see His Glory like never before.


We knew this was something not just for a select few, but for the whole church to partake of. The Fundraiser Masterclasses became a means to raise funds for Season 3 production but more importantly, to impart what God had given the team at Bridge Music to the worship community at large.


Like Sam Alex always says, the goal from the start has been to empower the Davids' of our generation to come together to release the unique blend of sound that has been entrusted to sons and daughters in India for such a time as this.


Throughout the songwriting, and the entire audio & video production process, Bridge Music has been intentional in building a culture of family, unity, honour, and serving one another. It’s never about one person’s song or voice, but about releasing the heartbeat of God for the nations.


Thousands of people from all over came forward to invest into the sound of India, by generously giving towards Season 3. We have seen the songs birthed in small rooms, become anthems for an entire nation, and we are so grateful that we get to steward this historic moment.


There are eight new songs, 7 of which have been released so far. Each one is uniquely powerful, and we are so excited for the world to be impacted and blessed by these songs that have tapped into Heaven to shift our culture and shake the earth!

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