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Deepika Kotecha

Deepika Kotecha is a gritty Gujarati by birth but Hyderabadi at heart. She is featured in Bridge Music Season 2's 'Dil Ki Gehraai' alongside Sam Alex and Hemant Sharma. Deepika has been writing and composing for the past 2 years. In that time she has birthed 10 songs of her own and co-written close to 50 with her brother. You can find her most recent release 'Yeshu Ka Lahu' on YouTube.

Deepika began following Jesus in 2016 after God touched her life and called her to serve the church through worship! Soon after she became a worship leader at a local church in Hyderabad where she faithfully served for over a year and a half. 

One of Deepika's testimonies is that she always had deep stage fright. She would get nervous and felt that she couldn't give 100% on stage but when God touched her all her fear was gone! Since then she speaks and sings boldly. She believes that the calling on her life is to bring back God's children to the Father's heart through worship! She loves to minister to people through the gospel encouraging them, inspiring them, and helping them fulfil their dreams!

You can now find her living out this calling in Hyderabad alongside her church family at Brazen Grace.

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