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Hemant Sharma

Hemant Sharma has a very special place in the Bridge Music family. When he first heard our songs 'Vandanam', and 'Vagdanamu' he was so impacted by the songs that he used google translate to translate them into Hindi, and record covers. He then uploaded those acoustic covers to YouTube where Sam and Nemo heard them, and the rest, as they say, is history! You will find Hemant featured in Bridge Music's Season 2 release of 'Dil Ki Geheraai', and 'Dhanyawad', and recognized as the powerful poet behind the lines 'Meri stuti ko Tere charno mein itr ke samaan undelunga mein'.

Hemant's journey as an artist began when a school teacher recognized that he had a great voice which led to a schoolmate inviting him to church to sing. This quickly became a weekly thing, and eventually landed him a role leading worship in a local church. 

During this time Hemant was still a non-believer but asked God to reveal Himself to him, and God did! One of his specific encounters with God led him to remove all the idols in his room, and a few days later God asked him to devote his whole life to following only Jesus. And that's exactly what Hemant did! His drastic life transformation led to his brother's immediate conversion. His parents remain non-believers but are absolutely supportive of Hemant! His deepest prayer is that his parents would have an encounter with Jesus and that God would heal his mom's hearing impairment so that it would be a glorious testimony for their family. 

Today Hemant works in IT living in Delhi and his family in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where you'll find him leading worship in the local church, and writing songs to inspire a nation!

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