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Natalia Kashyap

Natalia Kashyap joined Bridge Music in Season 2 when she was spontaneously handed a mic to sing in 'Dhanyawad'! She's been family ever since, and you can expect more of her in Season 3! 

Natalia, also known as 'Nat', spent her childhood living in various places throughout India like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Kerala. She grew up as a Pastor’s kid in church but truly began following Jesus three years ago when she started attending 'Family of Lord Jesus' (FOLJ) church in Delhi. She had a rough childhood but at FOLJ she was able to find her true identity, healing, and deliverance after asking God for the strength to let go, and forgive. In 2018, was when her love for music was put on display as she began to sing, and play the keyboard at FOLJ - eventually leading her to Bridge Music!


Natalia has been singing since childhood but began writing songs just this last year. She is currently writing and co-writing multiple songs that will be releasing soon including her own songs 'Alabaster', and 'Just Like a Child'.

Natalia is originally from Delhi and moved to Hyderabad for further studies and ministering to people through her blogs, worship, and one on one meetings. She also shares wisdom and thoughts through her blog 'Sword of Light'.

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