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Prakruthi Angelina

Prakruthi Keshavamurthy, or Prakruthi Angelina as we've all come to know her by, was discovered by Bridge Music after she did a cover of 'Vandanam' on her Instagram. Shortly after she became one of the first featured artists of Season 3 in the song 'Chattan' Acoustic & Official versions! 


Prakruthi has been singing since she was just 3 years old, and was trained early on in Indian classical music. She wrote her first song at age 11 and began avidly writing again after her 20th birthday. She has since written around 20 songs, and recently recorded one that she plans on releasing soon! 


Prakruthi is also involved in full-time ministry through worship, writing, mentoring, and counselling. You can find her living out her passion to see people encounter Jesus at the Full Gospel Assembly of God Church (FGAG) in Bangalore, and through her service at Face2Face Foundation

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