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Rachel Francis

Rachel Francis has been a part of the Bridge Music family since 2019 Season 2 after Nemo and Sam felt compelled to reach out to her the night before the Season 2 live shoot. She sent a vocal recording to the band that night, and within 24 hours, she was on-stage recording with Bridge Music! You'll find her featured in Season 2 on songs such as 'Dhanyawad', 'Teri Marzi', and 'Sang Tere'. And in Season 3, for the first time as both a collaborative songwriter and singer in the Hindi worship song  'Maa Ke Samaan'! 

Rachel has been writing, singing, and composing for over 11 years, and in that time written 25 songs, co-written 5, and recorded 10. You can find her vocals in multiple tracks on the album 'Sajda Karun'. She has also played the drums and lead worship for 'Prabhu Yeshu Janmotsav', Mumbai's biggest Christmas gathering, and throughout other prominent gig venues all across India! All this eventually leading her to be featured in Rolling Stone Magazine!


In addition to being a thriving artist, Rachel spends her time advocating for the marginalised and vulnerable through various ministries. She's spent the majority of her life serving the local church through preaching, leading worship, mentoring, and counselling. She's worked with 'Seeds of Hope', a prison ministry in Mumbai, to counsel prisoners, and work in rehabilitation centres for victims of human trafficking throughout Maharashtra, India.

Rachel is especially known for her expertise in working with youth. As the director of House of Prayer in Mumbai for two years she trained youth in worship leading, songwriting, and playing instruments. And then spent the last 6 years working with 'Live Jam', an NGO that works to transform the lives of youth through stories of hope. Her testimony alone has impacted over 50,000 students throughout multiples schools, and college campuses all across India, and internationally. Rachel received recognition for her work, and life in 'The Kuwait Times'.

Rachel is an artist, human rights advocate, church planter, friend, mentor, and all-around incredible woman! She currently lives in Mumbai, India where you can find her stewarding grassroots community building for female artists in India as well as preparing to release her own EP at the end of this year!

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