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Sam Alex Pasula

Sam Alex Pasula is the Founder of Bridge Music. His love for music began when he started playing the Conga when he was 11 years old, and then the Guitar and Keyboard at 13. Simultaneously he began writing songs that one day would inspire a nation. 

In 2009 he led the release of 'Tere Bina', the debut album of the 'The Last Bridge' later to be renamed as Bridge Music. Shortly after 'Tere Bina' his second single titled 'Chahun Tujhe' was aired on MTV Roots making Bridge Music the first gospel band in India to be featured on MTV.

Sam’s vision has always been to discover and empower the raw, passionate talent of India
by providing a platform for them to collaborate with already established artists in order to create
music that leaves a legacy true to India's creative inheritance. In 2018, true to his vision, he released a Telugu Worship single, 'Vandanam', with Allen Ganta and John Erry. The video has been viewed by over 3M individuals to date.

In Season 2, he led the way for Bridge Music to more than triple their impact by providing a platform for 9 previously undiscovered artists who together released 5 unique Hindi songs that are now shaping the sound of Indian worship.


Now, with Season 3, he is out to fulfil the original mandate God gave him to find more of the 'Davids' of this generation, the hidden creatives, and continue to give them platforms to be empowered to go and impact the world. 

Sam is passionate about seeing India become a mission force to the world through Creativity, Fathering, and Empowerment. He currently lives in Hyderabad where he continues to lead the vision of Bridge Music while also teaching and leading worship all across India. 

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