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Samarth Shukla

Samarth Shukla has been part of Bridge Music since the Season 2 release of 'Haath Uthaakar Gaoonga' where he sang alongside Cameron Mendes, and Sam Alex. Samarth has also lead the writing team for Chattan for Season 3 and is a featured artist who also penned the 'rap' lyrics for Chattan Official. He's been writing and co-writing songs since he first began following Jesus in 2006. You can find some of these songs recorded and released online.

Samarth is known by his friends as a man that is deeply intentional in the way he loves and lives his life. His life's dream is to see the manifestation of the sons of God through the church walking in absolute victory over sin, sickness, poverty, death, and satan.


You can find him pursuing this passion besides his family in Delhi as the marriage Pastor and overseer of worship at 'Family of Lord Jesus' (FOLJ) church in Delhi, India.

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